主演:迈克尔·安格拉诺 玛丽·伊丽莎白·温斯特德 库尔特·拉塞尔  





威尔的爸爸妈妈都是超人界定天皇巨星,理所当然,少年威尔(迈克尔•安格拉诺 Michael Angarano 饰)进入了超人的摇篮——超人高校学习。进校的第一天就要进行超能力测试,拥有超能力的优质学生将详情




Sky High marks the return of Kurt Russell to the Disney Studios after over two decades. Back in the Seventies before we had Cable and Disney channel on same, Kurt Russell would have been the hero of just such a film. As it is Russell and Kelly Preston play a pair of superhero parents to Michael Angaramo.And Angaramo is just a normal kid apparently, his superpowers just haven't kicked in yet. But kids like him if they turn into superheroes aren't just born that way. The powers are there, but they have to be taught their use and that's why Angaramo is ticketed for Sky High.Superheroes to be go to this school up in the sky which apparently has avoided all radar and satellite detection, but given who goes there and runs it, that's understandable. But the kids go through the normal high school experience as filtered through the world of the Magic Kingdom. Teen age budding superheroes of both sexes have all the normal angst issues the rest of them do.Angaramo has two girls after him, girl next door Danielle Panabaker and teaching assistant Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Since his powers don't kick in initially, Angaramo is assigned to the sidekicks class, but he actually bonds with them.Sky High is a typical Disney film with overtones of Grease and Harry Potter combined. Such seasoned players as Lynda Carter as the Principal, Bruce Campbell as the coach, and Cloris Leachman as the school nurse seem to be having a good time with their parts as well as Russell and Preston.I did like young Steven Strait as the brooding Brando/Dean like teen who is understudying Johnny Storm the Human Torch. That young man was really having some issues in the film.For those who can't make Rydell High or Hogwarts, Sky High will give you the best of both those worlds.